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Join Microsoft and Riverbed Leaders

As they discuss work-from-anywhere realities and exciting new cloud services that enhance productivity for O365 and Teams

Global enterprises are always looking to enhance employee engagement and productivity. With the surge in remote work, organizations continue to invest heavily in cloud-based collaboration suites like Microsoft O365 and its unified communication platform, Microsoft Teams, to deliver live events, employee training, and content access to keep dynamic workforces productive from anywhere.

As important as these modern collaboration tools are, the complex networks that connect the cloud to users are unpredictable and significantly impact application performance – lessening the value companies truly achieve.

Join industry innovators,Dante Malagrinò, Riverbed Technologies, CDOandspecial guest, David Totten, CTO, US One Commercial Partner at Microsoftwhowill discuss:

  • State of global enterprise collaboration and application delivery in a cloud-centric world
  • Connecting technology from employee satisfaction to business outcomes
  • Impact of WFA (work from anywhere) on workforce productivity
  • Critical investments that drive collaboration (e.g., file sharing and video communication)

Brandon Carroll, Riverbed Director of Technical Marketing and Chief Demo Officer,will join Dante to demonstrate new, frictionless cloud services from Riverbed that deploy in minutes, eliminate network challenges and boost performance for critical SaaS investments.

Panel Members

David Totten,CTO, US One Commercial Partner,Microsoft

Dante Malagrino,Chief Development Officer,Riverbed Technology

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