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All About Recovery offers a variety of court ordered education programs related to substance abuse, anger, domestic violence and parenting. We believe that education in combination with counseling is an effective deterrent to future problems. All of our education staff is certified and experienced.

Texas Drug Offenders Education Program (TDOEP)

The Texas Drug Offender Education Program (TDOEP) is the Texas state mandated class for those who have been convicted of certain drug offenses and/or have had their driver’s license revoked. This class consists of a total of 15 hours. Participants must attend all classes in order to receive a certificate. Held every 2nd & 4th Tuesday in five 3-hour sessions. Available in English and Spanish at our Main office only.

First Time DWI Program

The Texas DWI Education Program is the Texas state mandated class for those who have received a first DWI offense. It provides 12 hours of education covering the effects of alcohol on the body and driving abilities as well as the driving laws. Participants must attend all classes in order to receive a certificate. If a participate misses a class he/she must start over. Held at our Main office and Pasadena only. Spanish is available at our Main office only.

DWI 32-Hour Repeat Offenders Program

This 8 week program was designed to educate participants about chemical dependency and the problems associated with chemical dependency.  It also provides intensive instructions about specific actions a participant can take to prevent future DWI offenses. To prevent alcohol/drug related problems in other life areas, necessary lifestyle changes are addressed.
Since the maximum class size is limited to 15 participants, pre-registration is strongly encouraged.

Advanced Alcohol and Relapse Prevention Education

An 18 week program designed for the individual whose alcohol or drug use has begun to manifest ongoing negative consequences. This program includes 12 Hours of Alcohol and Drug Education and six hours of Relapse Prevention.

Relapse and Recovery Series

The purpose of this 16-hour course is to help clients identify their specific relapse cycles. It has been designed for those clients who have relapsed or are at high risk of relapsing. It is also for those clients who have completed the 18 Hour Education Program who later come up positive on UA's. This is in conjunction with a 12 step program by the individual.

Alcohol and Drug Education Series

This is a 12-week program that meets once or twice per week in a group setting. Designed to provide a working knowledge of the addictive disease process.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Program

This is an 18 week educational program, designed to evoke responses from clients. Sessions are held once weekly for two hours in an intense format to encourage clients to recognize their own cycle of anger, belief systems and behaviors. This class is for clients who have charges against family members only; assualt/violent charges against non-relatives are directed to Anger Management classes. Also, our Domestic Abuse Intervention is for men only.   We follow the BIPP guidelines

Anger Management Education

A program designed to identify and resolve anger/violence issues and how to recognize how anger can become an addiction. A twelve (12) week program.

Parenting Classes

Raising responsible children is no easy task. Action Recovery offers Parenting classes to parents and guardians to increase their awareness to the responsibility of raising children and help educate them in developing healthier relationships.

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